In our bid to get cryptocurrency across the entire globe, we had a great event with the Korean American Chamber of Commerce on 8th May 2019 with a former state senator Curt Thompson making the opening speech on the day and we had several dignitaries from different Chamber of Commerce present. The primary purpose of this event was to bring the Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian Chamber of Commerce together to further educate the local business owners and entrepreneurs on the blockchain industry and the adoption of cryptocurrency, as a means of payment when individuals engage in business transactions or when services are rendered.

We wanted to emphasize to the people who may be learning about cryptocurrency for the first time on what the blockchain technology is capable of and how it can revolutionize the way businesses and payments are made in the coming future. We taught attendees of this event how to adopt the blockchain technology and how businesses can employ the use of Pundi XPOS system to receive cryptocurrency, which will go a long way in generating traffic for their business.

It is worthy of note to highlight here that Yelp recently added a filter to their platform for anyone who wants to search for businesses who accept cryptocurrency as a means of transaction and paying for goods and services. This is a great stride for the cryptocurrency and blockchain world as it shows that it is getting recognition and people are becoming aware of the fact that cryptocurrency can be adopted as a means of making payment good and services.

Partnership with Pundi

We announced recently our partnership with Pundi and it has been a great relationship all the way. Blockvibe entered into the partnership with Pundi and other organizations to help businesses across the globe to be better prepared, equipped, and ready for the transition into accepting cryptocurrency for business transactions and as a means of payment in exchange for goods and services.

Pundi X is a decentralized digital asset that openly supports digital asset issuers, blockchain developers, and businesses to easily list and apply their custom digital assets on the Pundi X payment platform as XPOS, Xwallet, and XPASS cards. With all that Pundi is bringing into the crypto world, it is only natural that partnering with them is definitely going to be a success and this is why Blockvibe is here; to ensure this partnership blossoms.

The advantages of using cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology is enormous and it is only a matter of time before we see it go into full adoption. The best time to get started and embrace the blockchain technology is now!

The blockchain technology allows transparency, transactions are easily traceable, improved security, low transaction fee, increase speed and efficiency among other many benefits.

We at Blockvibe will continue to organize training, conferences, and meetups across the globe to ensure that the good news of the blockchain technology cuts across the globe. It is in the light of this that we will be meeting with chamber of commerce of different countries in Asia, America, Africa, and among others.